Embryonic Origins, a new video


Enjoy EMBRYONIC ORIGINS, a 55-second video

People live with their whole selves, not in pieces labeled “mental” and “physical.” How can “whole being-ness” be restored to art, education and medicine?

At the 2018 Somatic Movement Summit, embodying the phases of embryonic development brings you into intimate contact and palpable awareness of the majesty of life emerging. Knowing how to thrive, to flourish, under any circumstances, comes by awakening the template of transformation embedded within. Recreating the embryonic process through the artistry of movement allows you to reshape every aspect of your being.

Embryonic Origins with Continuum from Watermark Arts on Vimeo.

Please join me, fellow somatic explorers, and Continuum colleagues as we gather in a beautiful location for deep learning into merging with our inherent wholeness.